Sunday, December 23, 2012

How are You?

How are you?

How many times a day are you asked how are you? Well…… How are You? Are you one of the mundane “fine”, are you the caffeinated, carbonated “Great, I’m Terrific” or are you one of those who has completely disconnected from yourself that you say, “I can’t complain”? I knew a 75 year old woman who used to always say “I cannot complain because no one will listen.” That’s a lie, someone is listening and that someone is you! Here was a strong willed, seemingly strong woman, I mean she could do more push up’s than most of the young men in the office. But someone had told her a long time ago that no one is listening. She carried this program with her everywhere she went and right on cue, when someone asked how she was out it would come. What if she and you understood this precious little question to be your true self, your spirit self’s way of getting a gage for how you truly feel? What if there came an understanding that this small moment in your day was actually spirit showing you a mirror so that you may stop and access how you truly feel?

You see when you are spiritually in tune, intuitively guided, your rarely asked how you are, your spirit and the people around your spirit know because how you feel is ever present! When you walk in a room people know just how you are because they can feel it, they say “Wow, you look awesome”! That is spirit talking to you! Your being, your true self, your infinite possibilities are joyous in its presence and this is what people are reflecting back to you. Just be warned that they will also reflect back to you if you obviously are not well. For if in that moment of “Hi, how are you?” you just want to explode and tell them your freakin pissed off and feel like blowing something up, then that is also spirit talking to you, reflecting the poison within that needs tending to.

In fact when those feelings are present and your at that moment of explosion and spirit is reflecting the disharmonious response, more than likely your ego, your super hero protector, your night in armor immediately takes over and says, “fine”! After all your ego would not want you to appear as vulnerable, All systems down, no higher connection available. This is not to say you should blurt out how pissed off you are, no, but you could say, “I’m a bit off, but I’m gonna work on that. Thank you for asking.” See now you have just allowed consciousness to connect with you and you’ll hear the warning signal.

Warning Will Robinson, Warning! (my apologies if you have no idea who that is) It is also a time when you make a verbal agreement to work on that. However you choose to work on it, counseling, coaching, physic intervention, spiritually, or hell even religiously (although I do not recommend it). Whatever way you choose your life begins to consciously unfold and that’s just the beginning. The beginning of you true journey through this time continuum.

Once you consciously walk your path, awake, aware and connected, Aula! Your now a conscious being thoroughly of the understanding that your having a physical experience. No turning back now!

So now when you are asked, “How are you?” and you make that connection to yourself the words you speak will come from your heart. Even though some may still choose to say fine, the expression is more pronounced as “I AM fine.” This expression may also be accompanied by a loving look in their eyes or even a gentle touch of their hand. These are all expressions that are seen, felt and not just heard. “How are you?” as a greeting is such an exchange of energy that extends beyond that current minute, it is a mirror that is the person asking you the questions as well. Checking in with yourself in that moment and first speak the truth within you, then respond accordingly, but also ask how they are in return. You might already know how they are or you may not even want to know how they are but you will have extended the mirror back to them for their reflection. You have extended a piece of themselves back to them for them to experience.

There is something very profound that happens when you realize that every person presented to you on any given day is an exact reflection of ourselves. We all are so connected that we bring people, things and situations into our field that reflect back exactly what we are transmitting. If we look though our 3D anti-reflector glasses we see nothing but an annoyance, an interruption of our routines, we view it as a block to what we are trying to do. Our 3D anti reflector glasses holds us in our ego state and cuts off communication from source energy. Source energy from high has many layers to pierce through to get our attention.  This information that source has for us cannot be given unless there is a surge from you first.

First we connect to our conscious and establish an understanding of consciousness (not without or egos kicking and screaming though). Once we make that agreement consciously to hold the connection then other sources can come through. Consciousness can then reach out to a source even stronger, our higher selves. Our higher selves can then communicate to us easily because we have bridged the gap, the signals are strong and there to receive insight. It is so important to spend time in that space. As you have so much to tell yourself.  Trust that what you’re hearing is truth. CAUTION! If the voice you connect with tells you everything that is wrong with you there is an imposter. That is your ego camouflaged and set for destruction!   Your infinite self speaks softly, lovingly with a tonality that says I am only here to nurture you and guide you and it doesn’t lie!

So while it’s not going to tell you that you’re a lying sack of crap, it will speak to you and suggest you  not lie next time. Your higher self never tells you your ugly it simply suggest you see more of what is beautiful inside you. It does not excuse you from responsibility it simply guides you to the most effective route to take. If you are in tuned to the right voices life will change instantly from self hate, depression, despondency, self battery, apathy and discourse to a life of expansion, self awareness, inner beauty, love and blissful joy. Then is when the final connection gets plugged in. Source energy which is from creator source originates forth and seeks a connection, it can connect with the angelic and ascended masters because the vibration of the energy exchange is equal and a steady frequency. These higher vibrations are able to coil through the dimensions and connect to you. It cannot connect with your conscious without this chain reaction because your brain is only able to vibrate at a 3D earth speed. But with the surge from within and the forge from above you can now download from Source! YAY!

All of this happens in those seemingly small moments in your day when someone asks you, “how are you?” Speak your truth in that moment, if but at least to yourself and really see when spirit extends a helping hand with your reflection shining right back atcha!

Much Loving Light and Unbounded Love for you ALL! Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Transcript: Jesus Sananda “You are Being Penetrated with Light of a Magnitude that You Have Never Known”

This one truly expresses what ascension means to me! I was so deeply touched by these words I shared them with my 12 year son! Hopefully the words touch you as well, no matter if you believe in ascension or not!

Transcript: Jesus Sananda “You are Being Penetrated with Light of a Magnitude that You Have Never Known”

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Birds

The Birds

I knew the birds were different this year, I have been trying to pinpoint what it was I was experiencing through the birds all year. I had the privilege to experience the miracle of what happens in the spring. I watched as a marriage of two singing spirits engaged in the dance of nature. In the smallest tree within my sights I experienced the birth of new life. New earth, perhaps.

Two eggs guarded at all times, against predators and the elements alike. The two proud parents diligently sat in waiting, waiting for that moment for the babies to break through, all the while singing and dancing. And at just the right time and just the right moment the babies pushed forth. Emerging in all their vulnerability and exposed from the shell that protected them. Life seeks love and love unto them they had in parents who watched over them and protected them.

That whole spring I watched as they took turns watching and feeding those babies. You could hear their little chirps as they knew mama was coming to nourish them. But then came the time to go out of the nest. Time for flight and freedom. The first baby got the hint with a gentle nudge from mama, but no amount of nudging would move the other baby who was still clinging to the safety of the nest. Finally, one day I came out to check and realized the Mama and Daddy had abandoned the nest all together. And there he was, he knew he had no choice but to fly. I did my best to coax him and give him words of support , encouragement to just jump! And so he did!

 This process was revealing to me a new birth, one that is born unto trust and love but steeped in vulnerability and exposure. The new babies were completely dependent upon the two spirits for flying lessons and nourishment. From that point on we are left to fly, to soar out into our new world and spread our love and joy.

The summer sure showed me how the birds were spreading their joyous message. I would see them at intersections swooping down amongst the cars and circling back up to the light poles. I would listen to them chirp from tree to tree telling the secrets of what is to come. Occasionally a crow would pipe in and tell them all to hush, they would just giggle and continue singing. Their messages were always based in a high vibration of love. So as fall set in I thought I would miss my bird family, but again something different happened.


I began to notice the movement of the Geese, normally they would do a couple of ceremonious fly over’s but then be on their way to warmer climates. Not this year, they didn’t go anywhere they just kept flying over in formation as if to affirm that were not going anywhere. This led me to just ask the question of my guides. What is really up with the birds? Then I had to be quiet and listen. The answer came today as if it was a freight train slamming against my head. We woke up to a cold layer of snow with winds that were blowing it almost horizontal. There was a complete thick cloud cover and yet the birds were singing. A few had a little squabble which drew the attention of a nearby squirrel. So he had to run up the tree to check it out.  As the birds scattered they flew as if there was no wind in their face nor was there any snow to block their vision.  And then it hit me! These birds, these beautiful creatures are so connected to source and spirit that they are already experiencing the new earth.   They are playing in a winter wonderland as if it were the botanical gardens full of sweet scented flowers and blooming shrubs. The birds are showing us how to play on our new earth. Thank you for your grace! Thank you!

We have been given our lessons and fed our nourishment and then we learned how to fly. Now is our time to fly freely spreading joy and love. We get to co create the winter wonderland and play in it as though it is purely a tropical paradise!  

Connecting the Dots

Connecting Dots… Putting lifetimes in order or disorder depending on your growth cycles is how we have arrived right here right now. Connecting or disconnecting the dots along the way.
We are either in alignment or not, we have either learned our lessons or not. When one is in line with the lessons being taught one can grow, one can expand, one can experience balance, leading to wholeness. A wise old Shinto Master recently told me that I was stupid, “Joanne, you talk to much”. What? I have been accused of being many things and yes talking to much is one of them, but STUPID? So I had to sit with it for a while, not allow it to penetrate my spirit, but allow the lesson to rise to the surface. To be stupid is just to not know, accept that there is something you do not know that will lead you to knowingness and at that point you still don’t know what you don’t know. But the beauty in being stupid is you get to grow! That same Shinto Master told me two days later; “stupid is good, God likes stupid because you grow”, I grew exponentially that day.

The same message was given that day at a workshop, not directly to me but to the collective. Know that our lower selves do not know the answers, but trust our higher selves do. So we ask out loud and quite insistent, WTF? What in the heck have I done to experience such a journey? Then we forget to be quiet and listen, in those moments we miss are our answers. We are looking for the big epiphany, lightning bolts, and thunder, “I mean after all I have made this glanderous stance and demanded answers.” Silly stupid child, the answers do not come with drum rolls, no not at all, they come in soft kind voices, subtle nuances of nature. There exists dew dots of information that turn on ideas, divine guidance that connects to the light of the greater consciousness grid.

The trick is to not be so stupid that you spew your stupidity all over humanity. Because we know we are stupid we run around asking questions and sometimes we think we already know all the answers so we run around screaming it to people, all the while we’re only answering our own stupid questions. This journey of serving the ego in loud and overbearing patterns is what leads to decisions made of the lower vibrations. Decisions based in greed and selfishness. When you step into your power and make decisions from a higher place you nourish your God Spirit. When you feed your ego its like eating Chinese food, your only going to be hungry again in an hour!!

“Stand!”, “Stand Child Stand” A Native American grandmother explains how she takes in a broken child. She must first teach them to Stand in their presence and know they are God’s child. Not stand to look up to her or anyone else, nor is it to look down upon any other entity, only to look within oneself and give respect to your God self. Our bodies have an amazing guidance system known as Chakras, when they are in alignment you are balanced and vibrating joy and love, when they are out of alignment we manifest dis-ease. If I stand to look up at another then I throw my alignment off, if I stand over and look down upon another again I’m throwing my alignment off. But if I stand in honor of me, hold that stance through every step of my journey, then and only then will there be complete alignment. With all chakra points in perfect alignment, vibrating colorfully there comes good health, good feelings, higher vibrations of Joy, Gratitude, Peace. All vibrations that absorb our life lessons, absorb light, then these processes of growth are sustainable and expansion occurs. This is where the dots start connecting….

Going back to the alignment part. Through our many lifetimes we have accumulated that Karma stuff. We carry our unlearned lessons from lifetime to lifetime like big sacs of dirt (later to be replaced with shit). Clumps of clay or buckets of schmoot whatever visual gives you the willys. The load feels burdensome; in fact we really just want to throw it down and stomp off from this big ole sac of shit. This load weighs on our internal navigation, shuts down chakra points and causes lower vibrations, manifesting as cancer, tumors and sick organs. When in reality it is our golden eggs nest hidden in our sac. For each lesson piled in there is a golden nugget waiting to be dispersed. When we learn a lesson and consciously make adjustments to our behavior and thoughts thus aligning our bodies and minds to the message then we are growing. Then we are expanding!

So as each piece of this dung, if you will, is pulled up for review; we have a choice. A profound shift one way or the other is at hand. The trick is in perception; the choice is pivotal for alignment and growth however perception is the catalyst in the learned lesson’s sustainability. I can either take that piece of crap and perceive it to be an excrement of large proportions or I can choose to see it as the tiny nugget that it is. Perception is my first choice and as I see my nugget in its true form I can choose to fuse it with energies of Love and vibrations of gratitude. This is how we turn dung into gold. Once you see the golden nugget in every lesson your free to do what you want with it, either set it free to help another or put it in your wealth pocket for future benefit. You see you become free and that sac that your hauling gets lighter and lighter. If your really lucky you’ll notice the little strings attached to each piece of crap you pull out of the sac, these strings are attached to other lessons still in the sac. When this nugget turns to gold one can follow the golden strands into the sac and shed light on the other crap. Awe…… yes connects the dots. So as each nugget is transmuted we become more balanced. Alignment takes place.

The beauty of our contracts here on this timeline of earth school is that we get to take part in an alignment en’mass. Everyone has their bag of crap and everyone has made a choice to offload. Certain ones have pre arranged to hold onto heavier loads, to carry more crap than most. This is their soul service to the ascension process. If it were not for them each of us would not have lighter loads. They carry the burden of hate and fear so that we may feel joy and happiness. Certain ones are here with no loads at tall, they have incarnated for their first earth experience to hold pure energies, with no karmic attachments at all which allows their vibration to lift as we climb. There are still others that have successful fulfilled all of their lesson plans. Their sacs are empty and they have cast their golden nuggets to others, but instead of going home for a well deserved vacation they decided to stay and see the ascension process through to its end. They kept enough gold in their wealth pockets to become a beacon of golden light for the rest to see. Whatever the purpose; each soul is fulfilling their lessons and seeing themselves as whole in order to benefit the greater good, the collective. The Oneness is complete when we connect all the dots!

This is not an end of the world; it is the birth of a new golden age! Spend some time seeing and feeling the shift and rejoice as you watch what dots connect for you!


I See

I see a world of absolute abundance and prosperity for ALL! I see many colors of beings, from two legged, four legged, crawlers and swimmers, I see flowers, trees, birds and animals all living together harmoniously in joy. If the storms come I will be there to stay calm and look for the signs of light. If the earth shakes off all that has plagued her, I will be there to guide people to safety. If the waters rise in order to cleanse and reshape I will tread water and know in my heart that what is coming will be a new earth, a Gaia that will be the beautiful star that she was always poised to be.

The lesson that I have learned so far is that I am a powerful being. I am more powerful than I ever knew. I know now that not only am I created in the eyes of God but that I have been designed to help others see the light within them. I have also learned that my beauty has no limitations, God made me to create and reflect beauty in all. My power to influence others has been used in vain in my past. I can release that part and say thank you for the lessons.  It is not my destiny to get the things I need from others, God has always provided me with what I need, it is my destiny to gain from inside and garnish the force from within as the God source. Abundance and prosperity is there for all to attain without taking it from another.

Before our earth can be recreated or rebirth to her natural place of wonderment there has to be a cleansing, she has to shake off the bad stuff. This could happen spiritually, etherically, spontaneously, or even physically, its all in how you perceive it to be. I will not be in fear of this, I will be empowered with my own knowingness.

The lessons I have learned will serve with the co creation of the ONE, together we help manifest the new landscape of our earth. I am stepping into my power now, I deserve to be rich in thought and in turn I provide value to others. I am a powerful co creator. I know abundance will be ours and I am personally open to receive prosperity in all its forms.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

2012 MESSAGES: Signs In The Skies

I am in AWE of this message! It is such a powerful time in our Universe and this message carries with it loving and soul filled tips on what YOU should be doing at this time! Don't discount, just absorb gently and try to hear the BIGGER message.

Today, forget menial tasks or anything that take time away from this portal. Do what ever you should be doing that will create a feeling of love, joy, and harmony. If that looks like taking your dog to the park today, then do it! If it feels like a BBQ day with the family, oh my gosh do it! Do whatever it takes to be in the higher vibrations today, I wish you all light and love!

It is up to US, all US, as ONE we can and will co-create a peaceful earth.

2012 MESSAGES: Signs In The Skies: As an astrologer I have always looked to signs and cycles as symbols of energetic patterns and portents of events, not unlike the ancients...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

An Afternoon with Dr. Michael Beckwith

I spent the afternoon listening to a 6 hour workshop that Dr. Michael Beckwith did with his wife Dr. Rickie Byer. I called it the Gospel of Your Wish is YOUR Command and boy did it resonate with me! It was a spiritual connection that put the laws of attraction to a vibration that I became in tuned with and in harmony. The law of attraction can be explained in many ways, some technical, some a combination of technical and spiritual, however if one does not thoroughly understand and embrace the spiritual connectedness that exists with Universal law, then the technical implementation will be cumbersome and awekward. You could manifest what you want however the energy of your intention will be lacking in substance and grace.

You see every being has a powerful destiny just waiting to be empowered, just waiting for the right conditions to appear before it can be pulled toward you. Our destiny is not a product of our Karma it is a manifestation of our perceived reality, a reality that is not based in truth. Karma is the sum product of our past actions materializing in our present experience. Our truth and our individual destinies are determined by attitude and character. Karma is our starting point and destiny is our choice of frequency, the vibration we choose to plug in to.  The Universal law of circulation says that energy is always in motion, it is constantly moving and what ever we put into the flow must and will circle back to us. Everything we send out has a stamp with return to sender, this is why we must be careful what intention we send out into the Universe and always expect the same in return.

If we choose to live in the lower frequencies of guilt, hate, anger, worry, doubt, blame and we insist on complaining all the time, then we have surrendered to receiving that same dark energy back. The toxic chemicals that the body generates in these lower vibrations are addictive like a drug and the body seeks it out. Thus, we end up living in a sea of self inflicted pain, a fate that is riddled with unresolved issues that remain in the recesses of our consciousness, blocking our full potential.

So if our destiny is determined by our attitude and we are building a character that reflects the negative output of our circumstances, then its a no wonder we are stuck in misfortune or bad luck! Luck comes to us when we are living under correct Kosmic Knowledge. Its an intuitive knowing that you have come out the other side with pain pushing you the entire way until your vision can take hold and pull you into a state of abundance. Changing our destiny is the act of choosing to change our story, we must take our power out of the lower vibration and practice  placing it in the flow of peace, love and harmony. These are qualitative qualities that build as we move into an effortless positive flow of co-creation. Developing attitudes of gratitude, appreciation of our gifts, acceptance of our true selves. Choosing to emit a higher vibration is to chose to become more, never less than our natural true self, powerful beings granted by God with free will and we can choose a different destiny! We can choose to send into the flow of life and energy of light, love, peace, joy and harmony and we become a higher conscious of a refined focused being.

The evolution of our consciousness comes in 4 stages, it starts with the Victim state, the "to me stage". "Why is it this always happens to me?" This is the wrong question to ask of the Universe as it always returns what we are questioning. "Behind every problem is a question trying to ask itself. Behind every question is an answer trying to reveal itself. Behind every answer is there is an action trying to be taken and behind every action there is a way of life trying to begin. (Dr. Michael Beckwith) Ask the right question and you will get the right answers which lead to correct actions thus creating the life we wish to live.

Along this path we should be partaking in the "No worry diet!" The zero calorie intake of humble pie! When we see ourselves as a victim or we experience someone else who is a victim we really need our "Cheerios". If we hear "why me" just pull out the Oohhs? Our Cheerio diet of oohs? Allows us to step outside our circumstance and think independent of the situation and not be sucked back in the vacuum of despair and lack.

Stage 2 is the Manifesting stage, the "to me, by me" stage. Everything that is happening to me is by me. We put into practice releasing the doubts and cleaning out old beliefs that no longer serve us. Opening us up for recep tea vity, receiving the good that you put into the ether. Once we see our physical manifestations of our intentions that grate(ful) fruit pie is sweet and tasty! Our knowledge of Universal law comes together and we marvel in our gratefulness that is rending us full of harmony, peace and serini tea.

Stage 3 is when we become a channel, its the "through us, through me" stage. Here we surrender source and let go to let God! We learn to be in tune with our intuitive skills moving gracefully into a life visioning zone. There is no separation between self and universe in this space, it is all connected to the whole. In this part of the No worry diet we sit down for a little "No TV dinner. Instead of television you begin to tell a vision. Imagine a family dinner where instead of the television on in the backgroud, everyone would tell their vision and then everyone else would honor and support that vision, giving it life and love injected from ONENESS of source!

Finally stage 4 is the Enlightenment state, the state of "AS US". When ones gets here we have gained incremental insight through the stages and have vision of coherence, integration of our ever expanding awareness is empowered and charged with light! So the moment you step into a knowingness which connects you with source and you except that source as life, all life, all encomposing and yet it is just you, you've have stepped into your desired destiny.

The Universe is an orderly system, it is our reflection of its own order. Law of Attraction says our lives are a direct correlation to the exact reflection of source. It manifests itself as a physical form however derived from the fundamental order of the GOD mind, our mind. So always keep in your mind that your reality is only 10% of what is real, the other 90% is our ATTITUDE!

What do you choose?

 Sending you all Love and Light!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

One Colorado after death of civil unions bill

This is one of the hardest working front line soldiers in our fight for GLBT equality rights! Jace addresses not only the killing of the civil unions bill but also the almost 30 other bills that needed to be heard last night! Dirty partisanship politics will not be tolerated and we would ask that everyone gay, straight or indifferent take action before our next election!!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Time to Choose LOVE and Enlightenment

Do you ever feel like you are inundated with so much information that you just want to turn it all off and find a quiet place on a mountain or on a beach to just reflect? Reflection, is something we tend to miss out on because as soon we finish with one piece of info, here comes another piece and we haven't fully absorbed the first piece. Well, here is something you might not know. This constant flow of information is purposely put before us as a distraction. It is to keep us entertained and intelligibley dull, so if I can make one suggestion it would be to at least once a day, turn off the television, turn off your phone and take some time to reflect.

The time you spend in the silence with yourselves will raise your vibration and take you to a place of thorough understanding. In order for us to make the transition from a warring society to a peace loving society, we have to raise our vibrations as a collective whole. The earth we inhabit is one of polarity, conflict and disparity, but it is not suppose to be this way. It is our sole responsibility to share love with each other here on this earth, and soon we will all know just how important that covenant is. It can be done with one person at a time, one heart at a time, and just one action at a time. Connect with your neighbor, reach out to your co-worker, make it your personal mission to spread the word of our last days here on earth. LOVE Its your choice in every moment of everyday, you can either choose to love or choose to hate, there is no in between. If you are not coming from a place of love then you must be choosing the dark side, because neutrality is no longer acceptable. When you choose to be neutral you are giving your power and energy to no one and with that comes a nothingness. You must choose LOVE or be left behind my dear ones.

There is one thing  that blocks us from truly connecting with others in a non-judgemental and pure place, that is ourselves. We must unite our inner selves into a oneness, end your inner battles and unite your being to a point of blissfulness. Reflect deeply and you will find this place in you. To reflect on this level, you must be willing to feel some pain before you find bliss. But trust me the pain is that which troubles you leaving your body, freeing you from your conscious and releasing you to your subconscious self. Your Natural self! The self you were born with, not the self you have become.

I look forward to the day when we can all join hands on an earth that is filled with love and joy, the day that everyone has abundance and no one feels a need to hoard. That day when we partake in information that is only for the betterment of our world and a day when all of our hearts and bellies are full!
I wish you all Peace, Love and Enlightenment

Sunday, January 29, 2012

My experience with Your Wish is YOUR Command!

So back in July of 2011, I was at a crossroads of such, I knew I never wanted to go back to accounting or working for other people and since I had joined my first MLM company I was searching for online training programs that would help me build my business. I had an upline that basically was not helpful unless I was willing to pressure my friends and family, so I went about training myself to become a professional network marketer. I will return to this later.

Separate from this goal, I have always practice the Law of Attraction but in little ways, for instance if I wanted a couch I would put it out there and the universe would make a couch appear (side of the road or via a friend). But I had just finished reading the books "The Attractor Factor" by Joe Vitale as well as "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, and so I was really seeking knowledge as to how to make LOA work for me on the money scale. And that is when YWIYC appeared out of no where in my email, so there was my first experience of attracting what I wanted. I had attended the attracting abundance meetup and did not like that I had to pay $10 every week and so when Nancy's meetup came up at no cost I had to go. Anyway, I attended the first session and really liked it and then my car was repossessed that week, so at this point any other person would have just given up and not attended anymore thinking that no car meant no classes, not me, my teachability index was high and I was determined to go. So I asked Nancy if I could get a ride there could she see if there was anybody willing to give me a ride home? Again using the power of intention and what I was learning from YWIYC I was able to manifest rides there and Nancy or Miguel would give me rides home. There was one night though that my ride fell through and I was seriously disappointed, but I put it out to the universe that if this training was right for me that somehow I would hear the two cd's I missed (Nancy nor Miguel use Dropbox so this was not an option). Nancy sent me a text the next day and asked if she could drop off the two I missed so I could attend the next meeting, so there again, the universe sent me a clear message that I was in the right place at the right time.

We got to Cd 6 where we write down what we would want if money was not an option, and so my list had 15 things on it. Now that I am looking over it again I see that I have or am in the process of manifesting 8 of the 15.

First on my list was a new RV and I specifically listed a Winnebago, Cheryl and I lived in a 28ft older RV with my son and we were very cramped and since it was older things were falling apart and I was duck taping it back together (there is another story about how I manifested this RV to begin with but I will save it for another time, lol). Using what I had learned however I was not a complainer about what was wrong with the RV, I was simply grateful for having a home and I would tell the universe what it was that I wanted in my new RV. I did what Kevin said, I put my intention out there with power and intensity and I found a picture in a RV magazine of a Winnebago and I taped it to my fridge.

Now remember we learned that 99% of every thing is off of our radar screens! Keep that in mind. So a few months prior I had walked passed a Winnebago in the storage yard here and I called the number, when the woman told me she was selling it for $23k I immediately said well I cannot afford that and gave up on it. But while listening to YWIYC I kept hearing to not worry about the how, that I had to concentrate of the why and not the how, so I was walking the trail one day and saw the number again and decided to call again. This time I did not ask about the price I just asked if I could see the inside. We met the next day and this Winnebago had all the things I had wanted in an RV, it was beautiful and I wanted it. So back to the how, I had a blank money order in my purse for the payment of my current RV and I mentioned this to the woman, and she immediately lit up and said she would be willing to accept my current payments and was willing to work a deal. Within a few days I was in my new RV and it cost me no more money out of pocket than I was already paying!

The next thing I needed to manifest was a vehicle as I was really getting nervous about walking in the winter. On my wish list I had wrote that I wanted a new car and I specifically said I wanted a 4X4 and listed a Jeep. But I did not want to be in a huge car payment anymore, it had to be affordable, well when I got my tax refund Cheryl and I went to a car lot and low and behold there was a reasonably priced Jeep. Worked a deal with the salesman and drove off with my Jeep!

There are several other things on my list such as I want to be thin. A few weeks ago my sponsor Nancy gifted me a bottle of HCG (a weight loss cure ), I have been on it for one week and Im already down 9 pounds! Nancy had no idea that was on my list, she just saw I was struggling with my weight and there happened to be a member of GIN that sells the HCG at our meeting that night.

By stopping my mind from thinking about the how I have been much more successful with LOA. There are others things I listed like I want to help other people get what they want and I am actively engaged in that process. I listed I wanted money in the bank (didnt even have a bank account then) and now I have a bank account with a little money in it, but that will grow Im sure of it! I listed I want to pay everything forward and I currently am actively paying appox. 10% of my income out to my church and others. I also listed I want to be able to give my son the things he wants and desires without worrying about money. He really likes to play sports and he wanted to be a part of a team, and suddenly a free basketball league popped up at his school, and is currently signed up for a baseball league that starts in the spring so they are letting me make payments for the fees.

All of my desires will not be the same as they are for you, but the system works equally for me as it will for you! Have a chief aim. get a burning desire for its achievement and stop thinking about the how. Know that the universe knows best and is always working according to our intentions, we have to be in a state of receiving and be grateful for what we have and feel good now!

Im grateful, Im thankful and Im appreciative!

Back to my crossroads, and wanting a way to earn an income without working for other people. I mentioned that I had an upline that was viturally of no help and the trainings were all about friends and family, nothing about building relationships and providing value. With YWIYC I found a new opportunity and upline that is really teaching me how to succeed! I am surrounded by professional networkers and I am excited everyday at the possibilities!

Money will come in everyday effortlessly and I will pay it forward!

Peace, Love and Enlightenment!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Don't be fooled!


This was passed onto me via an email. It was suppose to be another one of those inspirational posts meant to make the reader feel that their circumstances are what they are and that they are not at fault!  

Really, this is a fallacy and if you believe it then you will forever be at the mercy of life and its many ups and downs! The truth is you can create your future and we are in complete control of our emotions in every moment of everyday!

So lets start with the first statement, OK maybe we can "stop analyzing the past" but only if we have accepted our role and actions that have made our present! If you take an honest look at your past and understand that you created your present through your past actions and thoughts, then you can take control of your fate!

The second statement says we should "stop planning our future", wow, now we might as well just stop living and just accept our reality as final! NOT! You always have to have a vision for your future, without a chief aim then you will never be able to accomplish your dreams!

Third statement says "stop trying to figure out precisely how you feel". Hmm? Your feelings are your gauge to life. If you feel bad you have to work on feeling better and if your feeling good then your goal is to feel even better! The better you feel the higher your vibration, the higher your vibration the more you attract like thoughts and circumstances. Always monitor your feelings and work on making them work for you!

Now for the true lie! "Stop deciding with our minds how our heart feels", your mind dictates how your heart feels like it or not! If you decide to feel sad then your heart follows, if you decide to be happy then your heart follows! If your using the Law of Attraction and are working on always feeling good then you are always tuned into your thoughts that control your heart. The heart cannot have a separate feeling from your mind, think about it, if your angry your heart cannot feel joy, and if your thinking hateful thoughts your heart cannot feel love!

Finally, if you accept "what ever happens - happens", then your accepting your life as it is and not  demanding more! You can have, be and do anything and everything you desire, you just have to define your dream and get a burning desire for its achievement!

In closing, we cannot allow ourselves to believe everything that pops up in our emails, and we should never become complacent and accept our circumstances as beyond our control. We are creators of our future whether we create positive or negative outcomes is completely up to us!

This is what it should say:
Sometimes we need to analyze our past ~ and use it to see our future.
We need to start using our mind to control our thoughts that control our hearts.
Sometimes we just have to know that what ever happens is our intention!

Peace Love and Enlightment!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

On Your Mark....Get Set.......GO!

Hello world! I came to play! Got my hard knocks out of the way, got my attitude right, got my goals, got my charts, got a mentor, got a system, got value, got gratitude, got a why, got no excuses!

January 2012 is one week down and I am so excited with all of the possibilities, I want to kind of share and chronicle my professional journey as I embark on a new successful me! I have set my goals high and I know that only with maxim effort and strong desire will I achieve them.

This week I will host my new YWIYC meetup group, this one I want to really work on not being so nervous in the beginning. The last one I did I was so nervous that first night that I totally messed up my introduction of my mentor. Thank goodness KT does the rest of the talking and I get to smile and nod!

I do take notes however, every time I hear the CD's I take something different away. I may have heard a certain part many times but as my circumstance and life changes, so does my perspective and with this it is very easy to hear the message when you have a something to relate it to. Its the whole "when the student is ready the teacher will appear" phenomenon.

It is a treat to watch all the people in the room hear the CD's for the first time, some get it and want more, others repel the info and you know they will not be back. But that's OK, if its not for them, its not for them. Its about the experience, its about exposure to new information and that's why I love to share this with people! My goal is to help people change their lives by changing there thoughts, but if they are not ready to change then at least they have been exposed to the possibilities.

Add to my meetup schedule my group has been invited to a Mega Meetup and we will have the honor of being a featured group! Yeah great exposure, I see prebooking my next 3 meetups from that night alone. Then as a bonus, a brand new woman's group just formed with 50+ of some amazing professional women in Denver, I am excited to go meet and network with them this month too!

I finally figured out how to connect my website, my blog, and my social networks all up. That was a trick in itself as I am stubborn and like to do things at my own pace (even though I have an amazing wife willing to show me how) and I really do not like to be shown, I wanted to do it myself! And so I did, sorta... well I think I did good :)

I even order the business cards and some fun promotional stuff, thanks to Vista Print and their easy to use and easy on the pocketbook business cards and other great stuff!

I'm all over it and ready for action!

I feel good and I'm excited for the changes, I'm excited for the gifts the Universe has yet to yield. Its out there, its real and I see it! Times of abundance, abundance of money, abundance of gratitude, abundance of happiness! Feeling good everyday and a knowingness, all is taken care of and all is perfect!

Peace, Love and Enlightenment!

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year and Renewed HOPE for Sucess!

On this day January 2, 2012, I Joanne Bryant promise to be an excellent receiver, I promise to give of myself and my resources freely without judgement, I will attract abundance and I will take action for my success! I promise to love and be in love, as this is how God intends!

I will be 50 and fabulous and I will be worth a million dollars or more!

I have spoken so let it be true!
Lol, no really that is a strategy I use for making myself stick to what I have said I will do! If I say it out loud enough and to enough people then I have to follow through! Right? Hmmm, action speaks way louder!

So in 2011 I was spinning hopelessly out of control trying to figure out what the hell I wanted to do now that I had grown up! See I have spent the majority of my adult life raising my kids (20yrs old to present), my career was by default (had to do what I knew how to do), my education was a work in progress (but hey, it was in progress), my religious views were challengable, and my political voice had been all but silent for many years.

I thought I had all but figured everything out, about the Universe and all. As I was growing up and raising those children I learned a lot about life and people, I formed views and opinions, some strong some not so much. But my little box of reality was all I knew and as such what was retained as theory or process was limited and closed off! See I knew I believed in God, but to subscribe to any religion meant taking away the convenience of praying between meal prep and bath times. In terms of career, being a small business accountant was a no brainer, I was unconsciously competent at debits and credits, so that fit into raising four kids quite well. It dawned on me that if I allowed everything I had defaulted to to define me it would be a tragic lie!

Being reactionary had given me strength and resilience, now I have the power to be proactive and be a creator of my future, after all I still have one left standing to raise! The other three are grown and raised, but they can attest to the struggles and triumphs won and lost in our household. They know of the strong places of will and determination we came from to survive, but my 11 year old still has a chance to experience abundance. My youngest son has a chance to be a part of the change I always wanted to make, I have the opportunity to give him better tools. So while I am still a mother, my accountability is now unto myself, my purpose in life is by choice now and my gratitude for this knowledge is endless. I want to touch many souls and I am willing to do the things fearful people will not do!

With this I have vowed that my "job" is a source of knowledge not income which has freed me up to step away from accounting and accept a part time job with a non-profit. My networking business is my source of income and abundance, enabling me to connect and share with people the Laws of Attraction that I have always believed in! My meetups will be successful and overflowing with dreamers. I claimed a seat in a chair in an un-assuming sanctuary of the First Universalist Unitarian Church of Denver, which means I practice Love as my covenent and vow to take compassion in my actions. I am continuing my higher education via University of Phoenix and a Human Service management degree, putting a degree behind my mission to help people live and think better. As for my son? I tell him to lead by example and this is my ultimate vow, to live by example and allow him to dream big dreams and take action to achieve

 2012 is all about my New Acronym HOPE, Honor your Gifts, Opinions mean nothing, Problems are temporary and Empower yourself! Honoring my gifts is to be in every moment of everyday and being aware of the gifts the universe is constantly giving me and then taking action to better myself and my family. Opinions mean nothing, means I have to quit judging myself and letting it go when I feel judged! Problems are temporary means that even when times seem bad or when something happens that would normally take me out of the game, it will not be allowed! Finally with Empowering myself, I take total control of my destiny today, I accept all responsibility for my role in my life thus far and no longer chose the hard road! I chose to be a winner in my life with a million dollar why!