Sunday, May 20, 2012

2012 MESSAGES: Signs In The Skies

I am in AWE of this message! It is such a powerful time in our Universe and this message carries with it loving and soul filled tips on what YOU should be doing at this time! Don't discount, just absorb gently and try to hear the BIGGER message.

Today, forget menial tasks or anything that take time away from this portal. Do what ever you should be doing that will create a feeling of love, joy, and harmony. If that looks like taking your dog to the park today, then do it! If it feels like a BBQ day with the family, oh my gosh do it! Do whatever it takes to be in the higher vibrations today, I wish you all light and love!

It is up to US, all US, as ONE we can and will co-create a peaceful earth.

2012 MESSAGES: Signs In The Skies: As an astrologer I have always looked to signs and cycles as symbols of energetic patterns and portents of events, not unlike the ancients...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

An Afternoon with Dr. Michael Beckwith

I spent the afternoon listening to a 6 hour workshop that Dr. Michael Beckwith did with his wife Dr. Rickie Byer. I called it the Gospel of Your Wish is YOUR Command and boy did it resonate with me! It was a spiritual connection that put the laws of attraction to a vibration that I became in tuned with and in harmony. The law of attraction can be explained in many ways, some technical, some a combination of technical and spiritual, however if one does not thoroughly understand and embrace the spiritual connectedness that exists with Universal law, then the technical implementation will be cumbersome and awekward. You could manifest what you want however the energy of your intention will be lacking in substance and grace.

You see every being has a powerful destiny just waiting to be empowered, just waiting for the right conditions to appear before it can be pulled toward you. Our destiny is not a product of our Karma it is a manifestation of our perceived reality, a reality that is not based in truth. Karma is the sum product of our past actions materializing in our present experience. Our truth and our individual destinies are determined by attitude and character. Karma is our starting point and destiny is our choice of frequency, the vibration we choose to plug in to.  The Universal law of circulation says that energy is always in motion, it is constantly moving and what ever we put into the flow must and will circle back to us. Everything we send out has a stamp with return to sender, this is why we must be careful what intention we send out into the Universe and always expect the same in return.

If we choose to live in the lower frequencies of guilt, hate, anger, worry, doubt, blame and we insist on complaining all the time, then we have surrendered to receiving that same dark energy back. The toxic chemicals that the body generates in these lower vibrations are addictive like a drug and the body seeks it out. Thus, we end up living in a sea of self inflicted pain, a fate that is riddled with unresolved issues that remain in the recesses of our consciousness, blocking our full potential.

So if our destiny is determined by our attitude and we are building a character that reflects the negative output of our circumstances, then its a no wonder we are stuck in misfortune or bad luck! Luck comes to us when we are living under correct Kosmic Knowledge. Its an intuitive knowing that you have come out the other side with pain pushing you the entire way until your vision can take hold and pull you into a state of abundance. Changing our destiny is the act of choosing to change our story, we must take our power out of the lower vibration and practice  placing it in the flow of peace, love and harmony. These are qualitative qualities that build as we move into an effortless positive flow of co-creation. Developing attitudes of gratitude, appreciation of our gifts, acceptance of our true selves. Choosing to emit a higher vibration is to chose to become more, never less than our natural true self, powerful beings granted by God with free will and we can choose a different destiny! We can choose to send into the flow of life and energy of light, love, peace, joy and harmony and we become a higher conscious of a refined focused being.

The evolution of our consciousness comes in 4 stages, it starts with the Victim state, the "to me stage". "Why is it this always happens to me?" This is the wrong question to ask of the Universe as it always returns what we are questioning. "Behind every problem is a question trying to ask itself. Behind every question is an answer trying to reveal itself. Behind every answer is there is an action trying to be taken and behind every action there is a way of life trying to begin. (Dr. Michael Beckwith) Ask the right question and you will get the right answers which lead to correct actions thus creating the life we wish to live.

Along this path we should be partaking in the "No worry diet!" The zero calorie intake of humble pie! When we see ourselves as a victim or we experience someone else who is a victim we really need our "Cheerios". If we hear "why me" just pull out the Oohhs? Our Cheerio diet of oohs? Allows us to step outside our circumstance and think independent of the situation and not be sucked back in the vacuum of despair and lack.

Stage 2 is the Manifesting stage, the "to me, by me" stage. Everything that is happening to me is by me. We put into practice releasing the doubts and cleaning out old beliefs that no longer serve us. Opening us up for recep tea vity, receiving the good that you put into the ether. Once we see our physical manifestations of our intentions that grate(ful) fruit pie is sweet and tasty! Our knowledge of Universal law comes together and we marvel in our gratefulness that is rending us full of harmony, peace and serini tea.

Stage 3 is when we become a channel, its the "through us, through me" stage. Here we surrender source and let go to let God! We learn to be in tune with our intuitive skills moving gracefully into a life visioning zone. There is no separation between self and universe in this space, it is all connected to the whole. In this part of the No worry diet we sit down for a little "No TV dinner. Instead of television you begin to tell a vision. Imagine a family dinner where instead of the television on in the backgroud, everyone would tell their vision and then everyone else would honor and support that vision, giving it life and love injected from ONENESS of source!

Finally stage 4 is the Enlightenment state, the state of "AS US". When ones gets here we have gained incremental insight through the stages and have vision of coherence, integration of our ever expanding awareness is empowered and charged with light! So the moment you step into a knowingness which connects you with source and you except that source as life, all life, all encomposing and yet it is just you, you've have stepped into your desired destiny.

The Universe is an orderly system, it is our reflection of its own order. Law of Attraction says our lives are a direct correlation to the exact reflection of source. It manifests itself as a physical form however derived from the fundamental order of the GOD mind, our mind. So always keep in your mind that your reality is only 10% of what is real, the other 90% is our ATTITUDE!

What do you choose?

 Sending you all Love and Light!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

One Colorado after death of civil unions bill

This is one of the hardest working front line soldiers in our fight for GLBT equality rights! Jace addresses not only the killing of the civil unions bill but also the almost 30 other bills that needed to be heard last night! Dirty partisanship politics will not be tolerated and we would ask that everyone gay, straight or indifferent take action before our next election!!!!