Sunday, February 22, 2015

Fly, Fly, Fly

I do allot of writing these days, mostly in my journal and I always mean to share them but somehow they stay on paper and never make it to you, the people I love. This is one I wrote after Thanksgiving of 2014 sitting on my then sunny patio. It came to me in a flash and I wrote it just as quickly, then never really gave it much thought. It wasn't in my journal and kept popping up randomly pretty much asking to be shared. As I was typing it out I was so amazed at my actual message was, to me at least. As you read it take in what the message says to you.


  The birds are back and they are leading me away again, over my head, into my ears, up through my throat! The birds are back and my message is clear. “Get moving you can’t stay here!”
Fly, Fly, Fly they say, Fly our way through the wide open sky. I awake, Im aware, oh am I so aware! Ah but if I were not awaken I wouldn’t be so bare!
Wings, Wings, Wings they say, hear them through the air.
Ears, Ears, Ears with which I hear with a pair. “Not those” they say, “those are but nodes placed at ends to receive the tones!”
“We sing, we dance and we move about with purpose and we are grace while you are distracted with your phones.”
“Heads up our human friends, when we fly it is for you to see. Not with your eyes but with your heart. Leave your heart and your ears open and forever will you change and just be.”
Fly, Fly, Fly they say, “Fly your way through the vast open sky. Do it with ease and intend all good things. For when we take flight it is not because we have prayed, it is because of our faithful wings!”
Wings, Wings, Wings they say, purposeful and oh so pretty. Give us the grace to take flight without all that pity!!!