Thursday, July 18, 2013

House of Mirrors!

 When I say I am a spiritual person and I am always working on my own expansion and awareness of spirit, I do not ever intend to say I am any further on my spiritual journey than you are. There are no comparison points as each one of us has a unique personal path to navigate. Who’s to say you even acknowledge you have a spiritual path? (which by the way you are always on even when you think your not)  I am humbled to know that no matter where anyone is on their journey back to source it is right where God intended them to be and it is their journey to travel. I extend neither judgment nor envy, only thoughts of Love&Light for a safe trip home. Cause that is where we are all going, HOME, and believe it or not it’s not a race nor is there any winner or loser there is only GRACE and LOVE!

 I completely embrace that I am not perfect and that I have done and will do things that others tend to find frustrating and puzzling. I also completely embrace that through my mistakes and perceptions I have created LOVE and I have equally created SADNESS.  Funny how that works! : \ All out of my own desire to have and feel love, true love, the kind that makes your heart explode in song. Through self discovery I have had to transmute ego, need and desire and I have been drawn into this understanding that my fulfillment will only be complete when my journey to the center of my soul is started in earnest from, through and to my heart space. Those spaces in-between me and me, in the silence where only I can begin to hear the melody of my heart song as a faint beat and boy does it sound pretty!!

 While on my journey I have come to find those that need a source of measurement, they want to mark their progress against yours or they seek confirmation of their existence by comparing themselves to others. ("Phew Im OK, cause boy is she messed up!") or (I must NOT be OK if that person doesn’t recognize me”) In doing so they tend to attach energetic chords to other lightbodies (which btw is extremely exhausting for the bearer of those chords). I would find myself walking away from people feeling tired and physically drained sometimes and those attachments even pushed me to disconnect from certain people all together (both energetically and physically). More out of a self preservation rather than an ego driven place of disdain, but the bearer of light is only beholden to the shining of light, not ordained in any way to stick around and make sure you keep it lit.

 What I really feel and see now is a world of mirrors, constantly reflecting what it is that is still in need of recognizing. Reflections of good and reflections of nastiness are all around us and our choice is to unequivocally decide to hold the light over the dark and believe we are in our final battle and the outcome is in our favor. (God said so!)  In myself I see my house of mirrors only serves me when I see myself as the whole of all it, that at any given time if it were not for the grace of God there would go I. So I encompass perfection and imperfection in every moment and all is as it should be by divine decree, I am OK because my source says Im perfect in all my imperfections and so are YOU!  

 We are the seekers, we are the sought after, and we are the ones we have been seeking! Achieve wholeness through the mirrors shown to you, others may or may not understand but that’s OK. It is through our own heart song that the mirror will reflect love and it is through the mirrors of others we can know what is still unresolved within us. Ah there is the Gold! Awareness!

 Look around you and be brutally honest with yourself about what is being reflected back to you. Is it loving and have a kind voice? Awesome, honor that gift, radiate that light and run with it!

 However, if what you are being shown is frustrating or filled with regret or judgment take another look within, see yourself and then ask yourself, is this the God I want to reflect? I think I know what your answer would be.

 I feel my new strength from my core and I am so grateful that I am supported in spirit and in the physical! Thank you, Thank you Thank you!  Please know you have everything you need to soar, your wings are strong and sturdy, and your heart yearns for reunion with your highest self!  Ask for your assistance from source and connect through your souls desires with spirit on HIGH, you are here for the Grand presentation and ALL of creation is watching with bated breath to see the new you on the new earth reflecting the new LOVE of YOU!  You know who YOU ARE!