Friday, August 2, 2013

Raising My Vibration

 I have spent much of my time learning about vibrations and energy exchange, and over this time I have learned that my energetic vibration is in direct relation to what I am able to manifest. The trick is in tapping into the frequencies of the Universe and then adjusting my personal tuning fork (emotions) to exactly what it is I desire. I cannot transmit the vibration of a low density and expect to receive caviar, well that’s not true, I can if that’s what I desire, however the treat I receive will likely be tainted and I will not enjoy it. On the other hand, if I stay focused on higher frequencies and tune in with love and service to others I attract loving people and circumstances into my world.

It is important for me to note the importance of digging deep within myself to release the density and programming embedded. Releasing them and filling the empty spaces with high vibrational affirmations and mantras. Just when I think I have released my quota for the month, wholly crap here were some more programs.  I am still spotting programs and releasing them as a core exercise of my daily work and I diligently seek information that helps me grow, because I now truly understand the adage “If you are not growing, Your dying!

But back to manifesting, I knew I had an ability to attract certain things and places since I was a young girl. I would have long drawn out fantasy play lands where I would narrate the story as it unfolded. I was a girl so my fantasies were about getting married and having children. For example: As a little girl I would lay awake in my bed and pretend my husband and I were hanging out (in the bed) we would have dinner there and play with the all of our kids there and we would even entertain our guests from our bed. I would be acting this out with feeling and emotion, actually whispering ever so softly so I could hear my voice but no one else could hear me.  As a little girl I was able to fully engage in the nightly act, physically and emotionally, there was no doubt nor fear. I held a high vibration naturally because I was a child. Every child starts this way, in a wonderful wonderland of creation and color. We believed unconditionally in our world because we had no reason to believe anything otherwise. I never once for a moment thought that my imagined husband wasn’t real or that we weren’t really having dinner and laughing about a funny joke. It was real to me then and I looked forward my play land every night.

This is a prime example manifestation, whatever it is we desire, it starts with setting an intention and beaming it out to the Universe with substance, emotion and detail. This is where it gets interesting to me, it is incredibly insightful to look back and clearly see how what I rolled played as a child actually happened to me at some as an adult. When my childhood playtime scene was actually playing out in front of me, I didn’t understand why I had married a man who did nothing but stay in his room in his bed. I wasn’t familiar with the terms of what “you get what you think about most”, “thoughts expand”, or that “we are 100% responsible for our circumstances”. I was in victim mode, “why is this my life?” instead of creator mode, “thank you Universe and source for providing me the exact experience I created as a child.” I didn’t remember my childhood fantasies because I was too steeped in the quagmire of the lower vibrations of envy, jealously, judgment and anger. “Why did my life turn out this way?”

Well simply put, it’s the universal law of attraction, everything is energy and everything we experience is from a vibrational field that we are emitting and receiving, it encompasses us and the galaxy. When we match a vibration with an emotion and focus on our desire then it comes in lightening fast. However, one  must be careful what it is they indulge, for they might not be ready for the results.

It’s not that I did anything wrong as a child, I just didn’t know what I didn’t know. How was I supposed to know that I would pick up a whole lot of negative programs growing up? That these programs would drive me into the lower densities of desire, lust, regrets and sadness.  Programs both negative and positive are shared with us by our loving surroundings like our parents and extended families, teachers, our religious or non-religious leaders, you name the influence and I bet you can see where they left you with a belief. Sometimes these beliefs serve us in positive ways by encouraging and uplifting us and other times they serve us negatively by keeping us in patterns of behaviors and actions that continuously lead back to the same dilemmas and situations. For me they were beliefs like, “you’re not pretty enough” or “you’re not smart enough“ and “you’ll never be skinny if you keep stuffing your mouth”. My favorites came from my mother after I was married and had four kids, “you had all those kids, so now you get to deal with them” and of course her short and to the swords edge sweet one was “you married him”!

 The details of my childhood playtime came to fruition but they did so in the current vibration I was in at any given moment. And it wasn’t until now and as grown woman I can connect where and why that situation manifested for me. I had married a man who did nothing but hang out in his bed, playing video games, watching TV and yes even entertain guests from his throne, uh I mean bed. The problem was that is not what I wanted for myself. 

So when I understood that what I was doing as a child was as simple as the Law of Attraction, what I acted out and believed in would manifest and what I engage in with emotion and intention would appear in my world, oh what a relief. I stepped out of victim mode; I stopped surviving and started thriving. To know I had 100% responsibility for everything I created. YAY!

 So after much work on me via various workshops, CD’s, videos, and books I have come to understand a good portion of vibration and the law of attraction. I can now say that every day I take full credit for my circumstances, every thought, every emotion, and every intention sets my stage. I am fully engaged in my creative playtime and I adjust the frequency of my vibration to always be on high with gratitude and thankfulness.  I take the steps back from my current perceived reality and really look at what is I am manifesting. What am I vibrating? Is it wrapped in love, joy and harmonious threads of color? Or is it wrapped in the energies of hate, greed, jealousy or regret? Whatever it is; manifesting right in front of me is just what I called forth…….thank you.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

House of Mirrors!

 When I say I am a spiritual person and I am always working on my own expansion and awareness of spirit, I do not ever intend to say I am any further on my spiritual journey than you are. There are no comparison points as each one of us has a unique personal path to navigate. Who’s to say you even acknowledge you have a spiritual path? (which by the way you are always on even when you think your not)  I am humbled to know that no matter where anyone is on their journey back to source it is right where God intended them to be and it is their journey to travel. I extend neither judgment nor envy, only thoughts of Love&Light for a safe trip home. Cause that is where we are all going, HOME, and believe it or not it’s not a race nor is there any winner or loser there is only GRACE and LOVE!

 I completely embrace that I am not perfect and that I have done and will do things that others tend to find frustrating and puzzling. I also completely embrace that through my mistakes and perceptions I have created LOVE and I have equally created SADNESS.  Funny how that works! : \ All out of my own desire to have and feel love, true love, the kind that makes your heart explode in song. Through self discovery I have had to transmute ego, need and desire and I have been drawn into this understanding that my fulfillment will only be complete when my journey to the center of my soul is started in earnest from, through and to my heart space. Those spaces in-between me and me, in the silence where only I can begin to hear the melody of my heart song as a faint beat and boy does it sound pretty!!

 While on my journey I have come to find those that need a source of measurement, they want to mark their progress against yours or they seek confirmation of their existence by comparing themselves to others. ("Phew Im OK, cause boy is she messed up!") or (I must NOT be OK if that person doesn’t recognize me”) In doing so they tend to attach energetic chords to other lightbodies (which btw is extremely exhausting for the bearer of those chords). I would find myself walking away from people feeling tired and physically drained sometimes and those attachments even pushed me to disconnect from certain people all together (both energetically and physically). More out of a self preservation rather than an ego driven place of disdain, but the bearer of light is only beholden to the shining of light, not ordained in any way to stick around and make sure you keep it lit.

 What I really feel and see now is a world of mirrors, constantly reflecting what it is that is still in need of recognizing. Reflections of good and reflections of nastiness are all around us and our choice is to unequivocally decide to hold the light over the dark and believe we are in our final battle and the outcome is in our favor. (God said so!)  In myself I see my house of mirrors only serves me when I see myself as the whole of all it, that at any given time if it were not for the grace of God there would go I. So I encompass perfection and imperfection in every moment and all is as it should be by divine decree, I am OK because my source says Im perfect in all my imperfections and so are YOU!  

 We are the seekers, we are the sought after, and we are the ones we have been seeking! Achieve wholeness through the mirrors shown to you, others may or may not understand but that’s OK. It is through our own heart song that the mirror will reflect love and it is through the mirrors of others we can know what is still unresolved within us. Ah there is the Gold! Awareness!

 Look around you and be brutally honest with yourself about what is being reflected back to you. Is it loving and have a kind voice? Awesome, honor that gift, radiate that light and run with it!

 However, if what you are being shown is frustrating or filled with regret or judgment take another look within, see yourself and then ask yourself, is this the God I want to reflect? I think I know what your answer would be.

 I feel my new strength from my core and I am so grateful that I am supported in spirit and in the physical! Thank you, Thank you Thank you!  Please know you have everything you need to soar, your wings are strong and sturdy, and your heart yearns for reunion with your highest self!  Ask for your assistance from source and connect through your souls desires with spirit on HIGH, you are here for the Grand presentation and ALL of creation is watching with bated breath to see the new you on the new earth reflecting the new LOVE of YOU!  You know who YOU ARE!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Setting New Earth Intentions

So 2012 was the year I realized that in order for me to grow and expand I had to release what no longer serves me! Many who know me know that I have lost and found the same 50 pounds for years, you are also aware that I have quit smoking only to start again. I’ve tried the quick fixes which work for the short term but not absolutely sustainable. I’ve also tried the change in lifestyle and ate all healthy, didn’t smoke, exercised daily and was incredibly successful, until stressful times manifested, so again not sustainable, at least for me. The strange thing for me was I really enjoyed being healthy, it felt good to feel good, but at some point the switch would flip. I can almost pin point that moment each and every time, but to interpret what was actually happening internally I really never understood. It’s that awkward moment when you catch yourself sabotaging your own efforts and somehow, someway, you become a deer in headlights and your frozen. All resistance is futile and you find yourself surrendering to the failure and spiraling deep into the pit of apathy. “I’ve tried everything and nothing works, so I give in and give up!”
Apathy is a state of total surrender to circumstances being beyond your control, I so have been there, am so still there and doing that. This is when I start to justify my choices with; “oh it doesn’t count if no one sees me eating this”, “I gain weight no matter what I eat” or my favorite, “it just tastes so good”, I have been full of all these justifications. (Which are really excuses). From Apathy there really isn’t anywhere lower on the emotional scale I could go.
What happened for me was really a progression of work on myself that started in earnest at the end of 2010. Awakening is a process and it comes in only as fast as you are ready for it, God and Universe will never ever give you more than you can handle. So I set an intention, a declaration to self and God that I was going to once and for all figure out who I was, why I am here and what are my gifts? I stated to God and Universe how much I wanted to understand in depth why I had manifested my current perceived reality and how I could change it for good.
When I speak of working on myself it came in forms of people, groups, books and events and countless personal growth trainings. There is a huge advantage to this process if you pay attention, grab whatever lessons of gold you can and add it to the mosaic of your life path. Each piece of the mosaic is unique to you, unique to your experience, unique to your lessons. I refer to it as my mosaic because even the ugliest tiles in my life I can break off the best pieces.  I have been able to reflect in my quiet moments, find my strengths, understand my weaknesses and forgive myself and others. Much of my experience is so embedded deep within me that they are still coming up and I am equipped with tools and processes that assist me in releasing them and adding to my now divinely guided mosaic path.
I understand more how our life path is always under our feet in the now moment, you do not have to find it nor have you ever lost it. Every event and every lesson we experience small or large is laid out for you, by you, by choice, by purpose so that you can learn and expand, rise in your consciousness, increase your vibrations and become a divine being of light and love, thus lighting the way for ALL others. Be in your now moments, see them appear to be monumental or insurmountable, but then remember you can choose to change it, you can choose to see it differently, your choice, it is your free will. But it is in those moments or monu-mentals, if we are able to step back, breathe and in that breathe ask God what to do. Ask for new eyes, ask to receive the lesson. With new eyes comes new accountability, with the big step back we are able to see where our path circles back to the same lessons over and over again. Then we choose!
Learn it or do it again! Raise your vibration to one of hope or lower it to anger and fear. However, it is important to point out that apathy contains no vibration, it is void of emotion, avoidance of feeling anything and purposely placed to block and protect your justifications your excuses and your emotions.  My process led me to discoveries of self imposed apathetic attitudes that were only serving to manifest more of the same, lack of self love and lack of desire to change it. I slowly began to peel back my onion again and really view what I was hiding. There mere act of acknowledging my apathy moved me from this dormant state, energetically, I changed vibrations, I began to experience fear, anger, sadness, regret, a myriad of emotions in fact and this was and is all good! This is great because it’s as simple as this, water cannot not change in form in a dormant state (our bodies are 75% water), the only way for water to change in form is to change in temperature, one must light a fire or stick it in the freezer. I saw things in my life differently and I dug deeper to find my fire, I am figuring out where my wounds need ice to heal and where I should apply the heat. I think differently and I talk differently and I stepped into 2013 in full awareness of what still needed releasing and what I knew was vital for my healing.
The many lessons, the many tiles I added to my mosaic in 2012 led me right back to my now moment in 2013. This now moment that I am so completely grateful I have come to, the now moment that I know I am gifted and talented and enlightening myself on many levels. This now moment where I can say I am loving all of me, the good, the bad, and most importantly the ugly! Oh the ugly, let me just say my ugly sits right in front of my eyes daily! Another awkward moment when you say “I love me” and your belly says, “REALLY?”
So releasing this weight is not so much about physical changes in lifestyle and food choices, it is a more about emotional changes, discovering myself in profound ways, and changing my perceptions to brutal truths, my truths, its my peek through the veil that will allow me to release and step into my power zone of free will.  A free will zone that is balanced with mind body and soul practices, new vibrations that serve to honor my temple and the divine temple of others.
My path is lighted once again and I have set a new intention for 2013. This intention is to be happy and healthy, to only give my mind, body and spirit love and good things. To uncover what is still hidden in me and to embrace and release my protections my armor, my barriers between me and the ALL.  My intention for 2013 is to continue to lay my beautiful path with colorful tiles of the best and worst of me, from me, for me and for the ALL. I will stay light in thought so that I may be lightened in weight!
With every person awake and aware they are laying their own colorful paths we are creating the new mosaic of the new Earth. A beautiful mosaic of colorful self created paths that all lead to the same destination, Unity and Love! Love of Self and ultimately Love for ALL!