Sunday, May 20, 2012

2012 MESSAGES: Signs In The Skies

I am in AWE of this message! It is such a powerful time in our Universe and this message carries with it loving and soul filled tips on what YOU should be doing at this time! Don't discount, just absorb gently and try to hear the BIGGER message.

Today, forget menial tasks or anything that take time away from this portal. Do what ever you should be doing that will create a feeling of love, joy, and harmony. If that looks like taking your dog to the park today, then do it! If it feels like a BBQ day with the family, oh my gosh do it! Do whatever it takes to be in the higher vibrations today, I wish you all light and love!

It is up to US, all US, as ONE we can and will co-create a peaceful earth.

2012 MESSAGES: Signs In The Skies: As an astrologer I have always looked to signs and cycles as symbols of energetic patterns and portents of events, not unlike the ancients...

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