Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I See

I see a world of absolute abundance and prosperity for ALL! I see many colors of beings, from two legged, four legged, crawlers and swimmers, I see flowers, trees, birds and animals all living together harmoniously in joy. If the storms come I will be there to stay calm and look for the signs of light. If the earth shakes off all that has plagued her, I will be there to guide people to safety. If the waters rise in order to cleanse and reshape I will tread water and know in my heart that what is coming will be a new earth, a Gaia that will be the beautiful star that she was always poised to be.

The lesson that I have learned so far is that I am a powerful being. I am more powerful than I ever knew. I know now that not only am I created in the eyes of God but that I have been designed to help others see the light within them. I have also learned that my beauty has no limitations, God made me to create and reflect beauty in all. My power to influence others has been used in vain in my past. I can release that part and say thank you for the lessons.  It is not my destiny to get the things I need from others, God has always provided me with what I need, it is my destiny to gain from inside and garnish the force from within as the God source. Abundance and prosperity is there for all to attain without taking it from another.

Before our earth can be recreated or rebirth to her natural place of wonderment there has to be a cleansing, she has to shake off the bad stuff. This could happen spiritually, etherically, spontaneously, or even physically, its all in how you perceive it to be. I will not be in fear of this, I will be empowered with my own knowingness.

The lessons I have learned will serve with the co creation of the ONE, together we help manifest the new landscape of our earth. I am stepping into my power now, I deserve to be rich in thought and in turn I provide value to others. I am a powerful co creator. I know abundance will be ours and I am personally open to receive prosperity in all its forms.

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