Sunday, December 23, 2012

How are You?

How are you?

How many times a day are you asked how are you? Well…… How are You? Are you one of the mundane “fine”, are you the caffeinated, carbonated “Great, I’m Terrific” or are you one of those who has completely disconnected from yourself that you say, “I can’t complain”? I knew a 75 year old woman who used to always say “I cannot complain because no one will listen.” That’s a lie, someone is listening and that someone is you! Here was a strong willed, seemingly strong woman, I mean she could do more push up’s than most of the young men in the office. But someone had told her a long time ago that no one is listening. She carried this program with her everywhere she went and right on cue, when someone asked how she was out it would come. What if she and you understood this precious little question to be your true self, your spirit self’s way of getting a gage for how you truly feel? What if there came an understanding that this small moment in your day was actually spirit showing you a mirror so that you may stop and access how you truly feel?

You see when you are spiritually in tune, intuitively guided, your rarely asked how you are, your spirit and the people around your spirit know because how you feel is ever present! When you walk in a room people know just how you are because they can feel it, they say “Wow, you look awesome”! That is spirit talking to you! Your being, your true self, your infinite possibilities are joyous in its presence and this is what people are reflecting back to you. Just be warned that they will also reflect back to you if you obviously are not well. For if in that moment of “Hi, how are you?” you just want to explode and tell them your freakin pissed off and feel like blowing something up, then that is also spirit talking to you, reflecting the poison within that needs tending to.

In fact when those feelings are present and your at that moment of explosion and spirit is reflecting the disharmonious response, more than likely your ego, your super hero protector, your night in armor immediately takes over and says, “fine”! After all your ego would not want you to appear as vulnerable, All systems down, no higher connection available. This is not to say you should blurt out how pissed off you are, no, but you could say, “I’m a bit off, but I’m gonna work on that. Thank you for asking.” See now you have just allowed consciousness to connect with you and you’ll hear the warning signal.

Warning Will Robinson, Warning! (my apologies if you have no idea who that is) It is also a time when you make a verbal agreement to work on that. However you choose to work on it, counseling, coaching, physic intervention, spiritually, or hell even religiously (although I do not recommend it). Whatever way you choose your life begins to consciously unfold and that’s just the beginning. The beginning of you true journey through this time continuum.

Once you consciously walk your path, awake, aware and connected, Aula! Your now a conscious being thoroughly of the understanding that your having a physical experience. No turning back now!

So now when you are asked, “How are you?” and you make that connection to yourself the words you speak will come from your heart. Even though some may still choose to say fine, the expression is more pronounced as “I AM fine.” This expression may also be accompanied by a loving look in their eyes or even a gentle touch of their hand. These are all expressions that are seen, felt and not just heard. “How are you?” as a greeting is such an exchange of energy that extends beyond that current minute, it is a mirror that is the person asking you the questions as well. Checking in with yourself in that moment and first speak the truth within you, then respond accordingly, but also ask how they are in return. You might already know how they are or you may not even want to know how they are but you will have extended the mirror back to them for their reflection. You have extended a piece of themselves back to them for them to experience.

There is something very profound that happens when you realize that every person presented to you on any given day is an exact reflection of ourselves. We all are so connected that we bring people, things and situations into our field that reflect back exactly what we are transmitting. If we look though our 3D anti-reflector glasses we see nothing but an annoyance, an interruption of our routines, we view it as a block to what we are trying to do. Our 3D anti reflector glasses holds us in our ego state and cuts off communication from source energy. Source energy from high has many layers to pierce through to get our attention.  This information that source has for us cannot be given unless there is a surge from you first.

First we connect to our conscious and establish an understanding of consciousness (not without or egos kicking and screaming though). Once we make that agreement consciously to hold the connection then other sources can come through. Consciousness can then reach out to a source even stronger, our higher selves. Our higher selves can then communicate to us easily because we have bridged the gap, the signals are strong and there to receive insight. It is so important to spend time in that space. As you have so much to tell yourself.  Trust that what you’re hearing is truth. CAUTION! If the voice you connect with tells you everything that is wrong with you there is an imposter. That is your ego camouflaged and set for destruction!   Your infinite self speaks softly, lovingly with a tonality that says I am only here to nurture you and guide you and it doesn’t lie!

So while it’s not going to tell you that you’re a lying sack of crap, it will speak to you and suggest you  not lie next time. Your higher self never tells you your ugly it simply suggest you see more of what is beautiful inside you. It does not excuse you from responsibility it simply guides you to the most effective route to take. If you are in tuned to the right voices life will change instantly from self hate, depression, despondency, self battery, apathy and discourse to a life of expansion, self awareness, inner beauty, love and blissful joy. Then is when the final connection gets plugged in. Source energy which is from creator source originates forth and seeks a connection, it can connect with the angelic and ascended masters because the vibration of the energy exchange is equal and a steady frequency. These higher vibrations are able to coil through the dimensions and connect to you. It cannot connect with your conscious without this chain reaction because your brain is only able to vibrate at a 3D earth speed. But with the surge from within and the forge from above you can now download from Source! YAY!

All of this happens in those seemingly small moments in your day when someone asks you, “how are you?” Speak your truth in that moment, if but at least to yourself and really see when spirit extends a helping hand with your reflection shining right back atcha!

Much Loving Light and Unbounded Love for you ALL! Merry Christmas!

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