Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Birds

The Birds

I knew the birds were different this year, I have been trying to pinpoint what it was I was experiencing through the birds all year. I had the privilege to experience the miracle of what happens in the spring. I watched as a marriage of two singing spirits engaged in the dance of nature. In the smallest tree within my sights I experienced the birth of new life. New earth, perhaps.

Two eggs guarded at all times, against predators and the elements alike. The two proud parents diligently sat in waiting, waiting for that moment for the babies to break through, all the while singing and dancing. And at just the right time and just the right moment the babies pushed forth. Emerging in all their vulnerability and exposed from the shell that protected them. Life seeks love and love unto them they had in parents who watched over them and protected them.

That whole spring I watched as they took turns watching and feeding those babies. You could hear their little chirps as they knew mama was coming to nourish them. But then came the time to go out of the nest. Time for flight and freedom. The first baby got the hint with a gentle nudge from mama, but no amount of nudging would move the other baby who was still clinging to the safety of the nest. Finally, one day I came out to check and realized the Mama and Daddy had abandoned the nest all together. And there he was, he knew he had no choice but to fly. I did my best to coax him and give him words of support , encouragement to just jump! And so he did!

 This process was revealing to me a new birth, one that is born unto trust and love but steeped in vulnerability and exposure. The new babies were completely dependent upon the two spirits for flying lessons and nourishment. From that point on we are left to fly, to soar out into our new world and spread our love and joy.

The summer sure showed me how the birds were spreading their joyous message. I would see them at intersections swooping down amongst the cars and circling back up to the light poles. I would listen to them chirp from tree to tree telling the secrets of what is to come. Occasionally a crow would pipe in and tell them all to hush, they would just giggle and continue singing. Their messages were always based in a high vibration of love. So as fall set in I thought I would miss my bird family, but again something different happened.


I began to notice the movement of the Geese, normally they would do a couple of ceremonious fly over’s but then be on their way to warmer climates. Not this year, they didn’t go anywhere they just kept flying over in formation as if to affirm that were not going anywhere. This led me to just ask the question of my guides. What is really up with the birds? Then I had to be quiet and listen. The answer came today as if it was a freight train slamming against my head. We woke up to a cold layer of snow with winds that were blowing it almost horizontal. There was a complete thick cloud cover and yet the birds were singing. A few had a little squabble which drew the attention of a nearby squirrel. So he had to run up the tree to check it out.  As the birds scattered they flew as if there was no wind in their face nor was there any snow to block their vision.  And then it hit me! These birds, these beautiful creatures are so connected to source and spirit that they are already experiencing the new earth.   They are playing in a winter wonderland as if it were the botanical gardens full of sweet scented flowers and blooming shrubs. The birds are showing us how to play on our new earth. Thank you for your grace! Thank you!

We have been given our lessons and fed our nourishment and then we learned how to fly. Now is our time to fly freely spreading joy and love. We get to co create the winter wonderland and play in it as though it is purely a tropical paradise!  

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