Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Connecting the Dots

Connecting Dots… Putting lifetimes in order or disorder depending on your growth cycles is how we have arrived right here right now. Connecting or disconnecting the dots along the way.
We are either in alignment or not, we have either learned our lessons or not. When one is in line with the lessons being taught one can grow, one can expand, one can experience balance, leading to wholeness. A wise old Shinto Master recently told me that I was stupid, “Joanne, you talk to much”. What? I have been accused of being many things and yes talking to much is one of them, but STUPID? So I had to sit with it for a while, not allow it to penetrate my spirit, but allow the lesson to rise to the surface. To be stupid is just to not know, accept that there is something you do not know that will lead you to knowingness and at that point you still don’t know what you don’t know. But the beauty in being stupid is you get to grow! That same Shinto Master told me two days later; “stupid is good, God likes stupid because you grow”, I grew exponentially that day.

The same message was given that day at a workshop, not directly to me but to the collective. Know that our lower selves do not know the answers, but trust our higher selves do. So we ask out loud and quite insistent, WTF? What in the heck have I done to experience such a journey? Then we forget to be quiet and listen, in those moments we miss are our answers. We are looking for the big epiphany, lightning bolts, and thunder, “I mean after all I have made this glanderous stance and demanded answers.” Silly stupid child, the answers do not come with drum rolls, no not at all, they come in soft kind voices, subtle nuances of nature. There exists dew dots of information that turn on ideas, divine guidance that connects to the light of the greater consciousness grid.

The trick is to not be so stupid that you spew your stupidity all over humanity. Because we know we are stupid we run around asking questions and sometimes we think we already know all the answers so we run around screaming it to people, all the while we’re only answering our own stupid questions. This journey of serving the ego in loud and overbearing patterns is what leads to decisions made of the lower vibrations. Decisions based in greed and selfishness. When you step into your power and make decisions from a higher place you nourish your God Spirit. When you feed your ego its like eating Chinese food, your only going to be hungry again in an hour!!

“Stand!”, “Stand Child Stand” A Native American grandmother explains how she takes in a broken child. She must first teach them to Stand in their presence and know they are God’s child. Not stand to look up to her or anyone else, nor is it to look down upon any other entity, only to look within oneself and give respect to your God self. Our bodies have an amazing guidance system known as Chakras, when they are in alignment you are balanced and vibrating joy and love, when they are out of alignment we manifest dis-ease. If I stand to look up at another then I throw my alignment off, if I stand over and look down upon another again I’m throwing my alignment off. But if I stand in honor of me, hold that stance through every step of my journey, then and only then will there be complete alignment. With all chakra points in perfect alignment, vibrating colorfully there comes good health, good feelings, higher vibrations of Joy, Gratitude, Peace. All vibrations that absorb our life lessons, absorb light, then these processes of growth are sustainable and expansion occurs. This is where the dots start connecting….

Going back to the alignment part. Through our many lifetimes we have accumulated that Karma stuff. We carry our unlearned lessons from lifetime to lifetime like big sacs of dirt (later to be replaced with shit). Clumps of clay or buckets of schmoot whatever visual gives you the willys. The load feels burdensome; in fact we really just want to throw it down and stomp off from this big ole sac of shit. This load weighs on our internal navigation, shuts down chakra points and causes lower vibrations, manifesting as cancer, tumors and sick organs. When in reality it is our golden eggs nest hidden in our sac. For each lesson piled in there is a golden nugget waiting to be dispersed. When we learn a lesson and consciously make adjustments to our behavior and thoughts thus aligning our bodies and minds to the message then we are growing. Then we are expanding!

So as each piece of this dung, if you will, is pulled up for review; we have a choice. A profound shift one way or the other is at hand. The trick is in perception; the choice is pivotal for alignment and growth however perception is the catalyst in the learned lesson’s sustainability. I can either take that piece of crap and perceive it to be an excrement of large proportions or I can choose to see it as the tiny nugget that it is. Perception is my first choice and as I see my nugget in its true form I can choose to fuse it with energies of Love and vibrations of gratitude. This is how we turn dung into gold. Once you see the golden nugget in every lesson your free to do what you want with it, either set it free to help another or put it in your wealth pocket for future benefit. You see you become free and that sac that your hauling gets lighter and lighter. If your really lucky you’ll notice the little strings attached to each piece of crap you pull out of the sac, these strings are attached to other lessons still in the sac. When this nugget turns to gold one can follow the golden strands into the sac and shed light on the other crap. Awe…… yes connects the dots. So as each nugget is transmuted we become more balanced. Alignment takes place.

The beauty of our contracts here on this timeline of earth school is that we get to take part in an alignment en’mass. Everyone has their bag of crap and everyone has made a choice to offload. Certain ones have pre arranged to hold onto heavier loads, to carry more crap than most. This is their soul service to the ascension process. If it were not for them each of us would not have lighter loads. They carry the burden of hate and fear so that we may feel joy and happiness. Certain ones are here with no loads at tall, they have incarnated for their first earth experience to hold pure energies, with no karmic attachments at all which allows their vibration to lift as we climb. There are still others that have successful fulfilled all of their lesson plans. Their sacs are empty and they have cast their golden nuggets to others, but instead of going home for a well deserved vacation they decided to stay and see the ascension process through to its end. They kept enough gold in their wealth pockets to become a beacon of golden light for the rest to see. Whatever the purpose; each soul is fulfilling their lessons and seeing themselves as whole in order to benefit the greater good, the collective. The Oneness is complete when we connect all the dots!

This is not an end of the world; it is the birth of a new golden age! Spend some time seeing and feeling the shift and rejoice as you watch what dots connect for you!


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