Saturday, January 28, 2012

Don't be fooled!


This was passed onto me via an email. It was suppose to be another one of those inspirational posts meant to make the reader feel that their circumstances are what they are and that they are not at fault!  

Really, this is a fallacy and if you believe it then you will forever be at the mercy of life and its many ups and downs! The truth is you can create your future and we are in complete control of our emotions in every moment of everyday!

So lets start with the first statement, OK maybe we can "stop analyzing the past" but only if we have accepted our role and actions that have made our present! If you take an honest look at your past and understand that you created your present through your past actions and thoughts, then you can take control of your fate!

The second statement says we should "stop planning our future", wow, now we might as well just stop living and just accept our reality as final! NOT! You always have to have a vision for your future, without a chief aim then you will never be able to accomplish your dreams!

Third statement says "stop trying to figure out precisely how you feel". Hmm? Your feelings are your gauge to life. If you feel bad you have to work on feeling better and if your feeling good then your goal is to feel even better! The better you feel the higher your vibration, the higher your vibration the more you attract like thoughts and circumstances. Always monitor your feelings and work on making them work for you!

Now for the true lie! "Stop deciding with our minds how our heart feels", your mind dictates how your heart feels like it or not! If you decide to feel sad then your heart follows, if you decide to be happy then your heart follows! If your using the Law of Attraction and are working on always feeling good then you are always tuned into your thoughts that control your heart. The heart cannot have a separate feeling from your mind, think about it, if your angry your heart cannot feel joy, and if your thinking hateful thoughts your heart cannot feel love!

Finally, if you accept "what ever happens - happens", then your accepting your life as it is and not  demanding more! You can have, be and do anything and everything you desire, you just have to define your dream and get a burning desire for its achievement!

In closing, we cannot allow ourselves to believe everything that pops up in our emails, and we should never become complacent and accept our circumstances as beyond our control. We are creators of our future whether we create positive or negative outcomes is completely up to us!

This is what it should say:
Sometimes we need to analyze our past ~ and use it to see our future.
We need to start using our mind to control our thoughts that control our hearts.
Sometimes we just have to know that what ever happens is our intention!

Peace Love and Enlightment!

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