Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year and Renewed HOPE for Sucess!

On this day January 2, 2012, I Joanne Bryant promise to be an excellent receiver, I promise to give of myself and my resources freely without judgement, I will attract abundance and I will take action for my success! I promise to love and be in love, as this is how God intends!

I will be 50 and fabulous and I will be worth a million dollars or more!

I have spoken so let it be true!
Lol, no really that is a strategy I use for making myself stick to what I have said I will do! If I say it out loud enough and to enough people then I have to follow through! Right? Hmmm, action speaks way louder!

So in 2011 I was spinning hopelessly out of control trying to figure out what the hell I wanted to do now that I had grown up! See I have spent the majority of my adult life raising my kids (20yrs old to present), my career was by default (had to do what I knew how to do), my education was a work in progress (but hey, it was in progress), my religious views were challengable, and my political voice had been all but silent for many years.

I thought I had all but figured everything out, about the Universe and all. As I was growing up and raising those children I learned a lot about life and people, I formed views and opinions, some strong some not so much. But my little box of reality was all I knew and as such what was retained as theory or process was limited and closed off! See I knew I believed in God, but to subscribe to any religion meant taking away the convenience of praying between meal prep and bath times. In terms of career, being a small business accountant was a no brainer, I was unconsciously competent at debits and credits, so that fit into raising four kids quite well. It dawned on me that if I allowed everything I had defaulted to to define me it would be a tragic lie!

Being reactionary had given me strength and resilience, now I have the power to be proactive and be a creator of my future, after all I still have one left standing to raise! The other three are grown and raised, but they can attest to the struggles and triumphs won and lost in our household. They know of the strong places of will and determination we came from to survive, but my 11 year old still has a chance to experience abundance. My youngest son has a chance to be a part of the change I always wanted to make, I have the opportunity to give him better tools. So while I am still a mother, my accountability is now unto myself, my purpose in life is by choice now and my gratitude for this knowledge is endless. I want to touch many souls and I am willing to do the things fearful people will not do!

With this I have vowed that my "job" is a source of knowledge not income which has freed me up to step away from accounting and accept a part time job with a non-profit. My networking business is my source of income and abundance, enabling me to connect and share with people the Laws of Attraction that I have always believed in! My meetups will be successful and overflowing with dreamers. I claimed a seat in a chair in an un-assuming sanctuary of the First Universalist Unitarian Church of Denver, which means I practice Love as my covenent and vow to take compassion in my actions. I am continuing my higher education via University of Phoenix and a Human Service management degree, putting a degree behind my mission to help people live and think better. As for my son? I tell him to lead by example and this is my ultimate vow, to live by example and allow him to dream big dreams and take action to achieve

 2012 is all about my New Acronym HOPE, Honor your Gifts, Opinions mean nothing, Problems are temporary and Empower yourself! Honoring my gifts is to be in every moment of everyday and being aware of the gifts the universe is constantly giving me and then taking action to better myself and my family. Opinions mean nothing, means I have to quit judging myself and letting it go when I feel judged! Problems are temporary means that even when times seem bad or when something happens that would normally take me out of the game, it will not be allowed! Finally with Empowering myself, I take total control of my destiny today, I accept all responsibility for my role in my life thus far and no longer chose the hard road! I chose to be a winner in my life with a million dollar why!

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