Sunday, January 8, 2012

On Your Mark....Get Set.......GO!

Hello world! I came to play! Got my hard knocks out of the way, got my attitude right, got my goals, got my charts, got a mentor, got a system, got value, got gratitude, got a why, got no excuses!

January 2012 is one week down and I am so excited with all of the possibilities, I want to kind of share and chronicle my professional journey as I embark on a new successful me! I have set my goals high and I know that only with maxim effort and strong desire will I achieve them.

This week I will host my new YWIYC meetup group, this one I want to really work on not being so nervous in the beginning. The last one I did I was so nervous that first night that I totally messed up my introduction of my mentor. Thank goodness KT does the rest of the talking and I get to smile and nod!

I do take notes however, every time I hear the CD's I take something different away. I may have heard a certain part many times but as my circumstance and life changes, so does my perspective and with this it is very easy to hear the message when you have a something to relate it to. Its the whole "when the student is ready the teacher will appear" phenomenon.

It is a treat to watch all the people in the room hear the CD's for the first time, some get it and want more, others repel the info and you know they will not be back. But that's OK, if its not for them, its not for them. Its about the experience, its about exposure to new information and that's why I love to share this with people! My goal is to help people change their lives by changing there thoughts, but if they are not ready to change then at least they have been exposed to the possibilities.

Add to my meetup schedule my group has been invited to a Mega Meetup and we will have the honor of being a featured group! Yeah great exposure, I see prebooking my next 3 meetups from that night alone. Then as a bonus, a brand new woman's group just formed with 50+ of some amazing professional women in Denver, I am excited to go meet and network with them this month too!

I finally figured out how to connect my website, my blog, and my social networks all up. That was a trick in itself as I am stubborn and like to do things at my own pace (even though I have an amazing wife willing to show me how) and I really do not like to be shown, I wanted to do it myself! And so I did, sorta... well I think I did good :)

I even order the business cards and some fun promotional stuff, thanks to Vista Print and their easy to use and easy on the pocketbook business cards and other great stuff!

I'm all over it and ready for action!

I feel good and I'm excited for the changes, I'm excited for the gifts the Universe has yet to yield. Its out there, its real and I see it! Times of abundance, abundance of money, abundance of gratitude, abundance of happiness! Feeling good everyday and a knowingness, all is taken care of and all is perfect!

Peace, Love and Enlightenment!


  1. I've read your last 2 posts and can see you're excited, focused and driven to be your best. Keep up the good work and sharing YWIYC with others. Those that are ready will hear the message and become your allies, mentors and friends!

  2. Thank you very much for the comment on my Challenge Update post. It is a help and is encouraging to hear from ex smokers who have won the battle. Makes you want to keep on going.

  3. You are welcome Vicky! Keep up the good work!

  4. Thank you for the words of encouragement Cheryl!

  5. Hi Joanne!
    I actually had this same idea not too long ago. Have you had success with building your downline through this meetup group?

    1. Hi Aaron, The beauty of having the meetups is you can get your product in front of 10-15 people at a time. I have had 1 complete meetup and gained one member that way, this group looks like I might get one or two as well! The important thing here is that you have to provide something of value for the group!