Sunday, January 29, 2012

My experience with Your Wish is YOUR Command!

So back in July of 2011, I was at a crossroads of such, I knew I never wanted to go back to accounting or working for other people and since I had joined my first MLM company I was searching for online training programs that would help me build my business. I had an upline that basically was not helpful unless I was willing to pressure my friends and family, so I went about training myself to become a professional network marketer. I will return to this later.

Separate from this goal, I have always practice the Law of Attraction but in little ways, for instance if I wanted a couch I would put it out there and the universe would make a couch appear (side of the road or via a friend). But I had just finished reading the books "The Attractor Factor" by Joe Vitale as well as "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, and so I was really seeking knowledge as to how to make LOA work for me on the money scale. And that is when YWIYC appeared out of no where in my email, so there was my first experience of attracting what I wanted. I had attended the attracting abundance meetup and did not like that I had to pay $10 every week and so when Nancy's meetup came up at no cost I had to go. Anyway, I attended the first session and really liked it and then my car was repossessed that week, so at this point any other person would have just given up and not attended anymore thinking that no car meant no classes, not me, my teachability index was high and I was determined to go. So I asked Nancy if I could get a ride there could she see if there was anybody willing to give me a ride home? Again using the power of intention and what I was learning from YWIYC I was able to manifest rides there and Nancy or Miguel would give me rides home. There was one night though that my ride fell through and I was seriously disappointed, but I put it out to the universe that if this training was right for me that somehow I would hear the two cd's I missed (Nancy nor Miguel use Dropbox so this was not an option). Nancy sent me a text the next day and asked if she could drop off the two I missed so I could attend the next meeting, so there again, the universe sent me a clear message that I was in the right place at the right time.

We got to Cd 6 where we write down what we would want if money was not an option, and so my list had 15 things on it. Now that I am looking over it again I see that I have or am in the process of manifesting 8 of the 15.

First on my list was a new RV and I specifically listed a Winnebago, Cheryl and I lived in a 28ft older RV with my son and we were very cramped and since it was older things were falling apart and I was duck taping it back together (there is another story about how I manifested this RV to begin with but I will save it for another time, lol). Using what I had learned however I was not a complainer about what was wrong with the RV, I was simply grateful for having a home and I would tell the universe what it was that I wanted in my new RV. I did what Kevin said, I put my intention out there with power and intensity and I found a picture in a RV magazine of a Winnebago and I taped it to my fridge.

Now remember we learned that 99% of every thing is off of our radar screens! Keep that in mind. So a few months prior I had walked passed a Winnebago in the storage yard here and I called the number, when the woman told me she was selling it for $23k I immediately said well I cannot afford that and gave up on it. But while listening to YWIYC I kept hearing to not worry about the how, that I had to concentrate of the why and not the how, so I was walking the trail one day and saw the number again and decided to call again. This time I did not ask about the price I just asked if I could see the inside. We met the next day and this Winnebago had all the things I had wanted in an RV, it was beautiful and I wanted it. So back to the how, I had a blank money order in my purse for the payment of my current RV and I mentioned this to the woman, and she immediately lit up and said she would be willing to accept my current payments and was willing to work a deal. Within a few days I was in my new RV and it cost me no more money out of pocket than I was already paying!

The next thing I needed to manifest was a vehicle as I was really getting nervous about walking in the winter. On my wish list I had wrote that I wanted a new car and I specifically said I wanted a 4X4 and listed a Jeep. But I did not want to be in a huge car payment anymore, it had to be affordable, well when I got my tax refund Cheryl and I went to a car lot and low and behold there was a reasonably priced Jeep. Worked a deal with the salesman and drove off with my Jeep!

There are several other things on my list such as I want to be thin. A few weeks ago my sponsor Nancy gifted me a bottle of HCG (a weight loss cure ), I have been on it for one week and Im already down 9 pounds! Nancy had no idea that was on my list, she just saw I was struggling with my weight and there happened to be a member of GIN that sells the HCG at our meeting that night.

By stopping my mind from thinking about the how I have been much more successful with LOA. There are others things I listed like I want to help other people get what they want and I am actively engaged in that process. I listed I wanted money in the bank (didnt even have a bank account then) and now I have a bank account with a little money in it, but that will grow Im sure of it! I listed I want to pay everything forward and I currently am actively paying appox. 10% of my income out to my church and others. I also listed I want to be able to give my son the things he wants and desires without worrying about money. He really likes to play sports and he wanted to be a part of a team, and suddenly a free basketball league popped up at his school, and is currently signed up for a baseball league that starts in the spring so they are letting me make payments for the fees.

All of my desires will not be the same as they are for you, but the system works equally for me as it will for you! Have a chief aim. get a burning desire for its achievement and stop thinking about the how. Know that the universe knows best and is always working according to our intentions, we have to be in a state of receiving and be grateful for what we have and feel good now!

Im grateful, Im thankful and Im appreciative!

Back to my crossroads, and wanting a way to earn an income without working for other people. I mentioned that I had an upline that was viturally of no help and the trainings were all about friends and family, nothing about building relationships and providing value. With YWIYC I found a new opportunity and upline that is really teaching me how to succeed! I am surrounded by professional networkers and I am excited everyday at the possibilities!

Money will come in everyday effortlessly and I will pay it forward!

Peace, Love and Enlightenment!

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