Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mentally Cleansing

Along this journey to creating success I have stumbled upon a mentoring system that offers its members an opportunity to really get down to the crust of their reasons for wanting success. I have mentioned the importance of your "why" in previous blogs, but what stands in the way of your why may be your biggest obstacle to success and freedom. You must tear down the walls of doubt that are embedded in your mind and afflicting your heart. Creating your success and owning your life means you must also be accountable for the words and feelings you allow to enter your soul. Anger may give you power but its an uncontrolled outcome, whereas compassion and love can sustain your soul long enough to sucomb to success! Negativity will almost always bring failure and frustration and if you allow it to rent space in your head then there is no room for hopes and dreams. So set about exploring yourselve in depth, what is it you really want and what obstacles have you set in your way? Cleanse your senses and heart of the negative and embrace what it is you are deserving of! Remember "what you think of and what you thank of are what you become!!

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With much love in my heart!


  1. Letting old of all the debris of negativity releases so much space for positivity and creativity, yes. :-)

    People think that by being angry all the time, it will keep them sharp, but it's nothing as close to the sharpness they'll achieve when their mind is emptied of angry fog.

  2. Thank you Les for commenting I am truly honored you visited my page.

    You know it seems the more I release the more floods in, I am a work in progress!