Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The First Step in Walking

The First Step in Walking: Network Marketing for toddlers just learning to walk!
I have read a few books and listened to a few “proven plans” including the map laid out by my own MLM company, and the one thing I hear continuously is to become the expert in the field. Brand yourself as the all knowing power that people automatically come to you when they want to know more. On whatever subject it may be to whatever demographic you choose. Just be the “go to” and you will create a following. Successful branding of whatever product you represent can only happen when one finds a passion point that excites them about their product, and that passion shows through their efforts when promoting their chosen products.
After reading “The Attractor Factor” by Joe Vitale and "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill it became apparent to me that having a passionate why is really the catalyst to arriving at your WOW! Taking the time to really narrow down your “why” and having that “why” be backed with emotion and a definiteness of purpose can be the key to attaining success in any revenue seeking endeavor you choose to take on. So it is important to get focused on your “why”, Joe Vitale begins the process in knowing what you do not want, but most of us already know exactly what we don’t want. We see it every day, we don’t want to be broke, we don’t want to lose our house or be without a car and we certainly don’t want to end up homeless and on the streets! So I think most of us have the “don’t wants” down pat! What is important as mentioned in the book and other MLM marketing plans I have encountered is “what you do want”. What are your wants and your whys?
This process of eliminating the don’ts and finding the wants can help you in creating that passion you will need to carry with you during your journey to success. Every great leader of this country and other countries has taken their journey to success through an unstoppable passion. Their desire to spread their message or service was never self viewed as futile or impossible, they simply kept moving towards their dreams and their “why’s”. Your why must be powerful to you and not necessarily powerful to anyone but yourself, because it will be your key to success, it will lift you up when you feel beaten and it will make you surge on even when you feel defeated. Remember defeat only occurs when you give up!
So lets say you found your “why” and you are all excited about the latest and greatest MLM opportunity out there, what’s next? Well Im not quite sure of all the details yet because as I mentioned before I am just an infant in this industry. But I do know that if you hear something more than 5 times the universe is telling you to listen and pay attention. That next step I keep hearing is using social media and the internet to your fullest advantage. Take advantage of the global market that is at your fingertips daily, and if you want to get specific then focus your efforts where they will get the most attention. You know the ole saying “find something that millions of people want and get there first”. Through the branding of yourself you are taking that shortcut through the woods and placing yourself ahead of the field behind you.
What do you mean “branding” you ask? Well as I have had it explained to me; it is the action of putting your name out into the vast world of cyberspace and pulling together from many online avenues one lane to “you”. What you put out there is up to you though, are you wanting to fill the world with purple flip-flops? The you’d better be ready to search for every outlet and distributor of purple flip-flops and be able to tell your followers where to get them and at what price. Or are you passionate about pig farming (don’t laugh this is a serious profession)? Sharing with other pig farmers what the best feed is and where to go for medical assistance should be your focus. Your ability to give useful information to your followers on a specialized field is of the absolute uppermost importance. I guess you could call it finding your niche! Whatever that is? Your niche is up to you to find, but you better have passion and purpose behind it or you will struggle to develop a strong and faithful following.
So I guess the first real steps taken in network marketing is a process by which one must ask themselves some serious questions, then one needs to be able to answer those questions with brutal honesty! Find your why and give it passion and purpose. Write it down and read it night and day until your brain comprehends the pattern and is able to translate it into an energy so powerful even you will be amazed at what the universe will bring you. After you are well acquainted with your why and have decided what it is you truly want and how to get it, then you can go after your passion with clear and definite goals. Create your following by becoming the expert, the go to in the field, find your niche and pursue it with passion.
I will leave you with the power behind passion, it was explained to me at a recent convention break away session by a very passionate speaker. The word PASSION is broken down as an acronym, with each letter representing what power the word really encompasses  when operating your network marketing business.
P stands for Plug In, plug into the team training available. If your company lacks in this arena then plug into a generic system, but be sure to stay plugged into your team, as they can provide you with an invaluable energy and spirit.
A is for Answers, get answers to all the questions you have about the company and their products. If the company is open and transparent then the answers you seek should be readily available. Know your policies and procedures and ask questions if you don’t understand something. A can also have another meaning and that is Action, taking immediate action to pursue your goals with a sense of urgency that is driven by a fear of loss. Fear of losing your lifestyle or just fear of losing your purpose should scare to you to the point of clear and definite action.
S represents Share, be open with your gift, be willing to share it with everyone you care about and everyone you don’t. Your passion should be based in purpose and your purpose should be to share your knowledge with everyone, because you never know who is reading or who is listening.
The next S represents Script, competence breeds competence and so the more you rehearse your “script” on the product or opportunity the better you will get at being able to enable your business partners to duplicate the “script”. Re-inventing the wheel is usually not a necessity as most MLM companies have a prewritten run down of the service they offer. Learning to put your personal twist might be necessary but not so much that you end up vomiting all over you audience.
I stands for Invest and Inspire, invest yourself 100% without hesitation or limitations. If you are not willing to invest an incredible amount of time to develop your business then you will not be able to attract and inspire the same like minded people into your business. Invest time into gaining knowledge and take the time to give that knowledge freely so that your investment touches others and moves them to action as well.
O is for Own It, if you don’t own it then no one is buying! Words to really live by are “control your own destiny or somebody else will”. Seriously they will and in fact they do it all the time, your boss determines when you take a break and what your role in the company is, your insurance company determines what procedures you are entitled to and which ones are considered frivolous and unnecessary. How great would it be to take ownership in your company and determine your own hours and your own timeline for getting the money and abundance you so desire. Love what you do and the money will follow, chase after money and it becomes elusive. Go forth with a passion and a purpose and own your own destiny, then offer to others what you have learned only giving what they need to fulfill their “why” and not offering any more or any less!
Finally, N is for “Never Give Up”, NEVER! Your why is so powerful that nothing can stand in your way of achieving it. Naysayers will hound you with all the reasons it won’t work! The pessimist’s club will send you nasty hate messages on your facebook page and twitter accounts begging you to cease and decease! But under no circumstance should you ever GIVE UP! If you have done your homework and got all the answers to your questions and have a strong “why”, then you owe it to yourself to keep moving forward with your action and keep on attracting what you want!
The universe is powerful and omniscient, it works with your energy whether it be negative or positive. The universe certainly doesn’t operate in the realm of accident nor is it optimal in the haphazard. There is a quote that comes to mind and Im not sure who said it but it states; “Success is not a result of spontaneous combustion, you have to set yourself on fire!” Having a clear and definite purpose with passion and power will bring your desires to you, but be careful what you wish for and never, ever give up!

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