Thursday, November 27, 2014

Today is the Day!

    So I Awoke this morning with this familiar program running in my head. Even tho I have spent so much time blowing this particular program out, thought I had conquered it, banished it and was never to see it again. Hmmmm..... dam so here it was again, LACK! A heavy sigh to bear as you wake up No money no bud :( !! It's a warm comfy place I tend to hide under when Im faced with trusting my own wings, run out get a "job jo", "your gonna starve", beg someone for something cause now you are needy again! ugh really?

     I read my mantras, spoke aloud my gratitude's! Nothing..... still lack! Ok what else? If you feel badly the goal is to feel better, I had gone from an 8 on the feeling scale to just a 7 (gauge yourself between 1 & 10, ten the worse), I wanted to be at a 2 or 3 so I didn't carry that energy into my day and manifest the experiences lack! Not on this day, one day before the most thankful day we have!

     Time to pull out the big guns! My own big guns! I always practice what I preach so I started reading my own blogs. I lift as I climb and I teach as I learn, so the best sources and material I have is in my own handwriting. Or typed into this blog. One day I will get it all published but for now I know where the words are. To re-read my journey and see where I was compared to where I am today. Wow such growth and shifting I have achieved!

     To often we measure ourselves by others standards or we compare our achievements against someone else's. No good guys, growth and success can only by measured by how far you have come! We all start right where we are and can only get as far as we allow ourselves to go!

     I reached back, pulled gold forward, and most importantly recognized the program of lack, thanked it for always being there, however "we are ok", more than OK! No money no bud turned into a much more enlightened view.

     Today all my bills are paid, all the goodies needed for the turkey are in the frig! Today all my needs are provided for and tomorrow is not mine to worry for, God, spirit this loving universe knows better than me!

     Ok now I was at my 2 and my juices were flowing! Today I woke up with a familiar feeling, I was pulled to being rash, making decisions based in fear! Today it was different though, today I have tools in the shed! Today I didn't allow the fear of lack to drive me away from my dreams!

     Today I offer myself deepest thoughts of gratitude and fortitude for ALL on this planet. Its not just about being thankful on Thanksgiving, its ALL about just being Thankful ALL the time. Today I offer my gifts of light to all of the world, well maybe just my small portion of it! Life coach, spiritual counselor, personal program buster, midnight brainstorming! Whatever. Wherever you are there is a path to where you want to be, that path is yours to travel, your free will travels freely! My services to you simply help clear the blocks and blind sides and I'm a dam good ear if you just need that too!

Love and Light to take your days from an 8 to a 2!!!

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